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Planned Giving Videos

Video: Why Make a Planned Gift

Why people make planned gifts to the church.

Video: Making an Impact

How you can have an impact by making a donation to the church.

Video: Choosing your Gift

How to choose a gift to the church that is right for you.

Video: Learn More About Donor Advised Funds

Learn more about Donor Advised Funds

Planned Giving Articles

Distribution Agreement

A template for a distribution agreement as a option for gifts in your will.

Bequest clauses

Sample wording for leaving a gift in your will.

Are You Willing to Leave a Mess for Your Family?

Learn about the importance of having a will.

What we live for

Leaving a legacy

The Trust Solution

The benefit of leaving assets to a legal trust.

Myths and Models of Planned Giving

Learn about 4 models for Planned Gifts

The Limits of Planned Giving

Learn about the limits the tax system places on donations.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a useful alternative to a will as a way of making a charitable gift.

Charitable Gifts & the Sixty-Cent Dollar

Learn about charitable donations and taxes.

Having Your Cake & Giving it too

A “gift of residual interest” is a method of giving away an asset while continuing to enjoy its use.

Gifting the RRIF

Making the church beneficiary of the Registered Retirement Investments

Gift of Stocks

Learn about the benefits to a donation of securities

Faith Preamble


Gifts of Annuities

A Gift in Your Will


Security Transfer Form

Form to be used to transfer securities to ELFEC for a donation

Faith Based Investing at ELFEC

Investing with ELFEC

ELFEC's Historical Returns

Portfolio Returns

ELFEC Partner Fund Agreement

ELFEC Investment Policy

Investment Policy

Our Investment Portfolio

Q2 2020 Investment Portfolio


Congreational Mission Endowment Funds

Template for congreational Mission Endowment Funds

Endowment Agreement Template

A sample endowment agreement

Endowment Fund Purposes

A list of purposes for which ELFEC hopes to establish funds


ELFEC Bylaws

Bylaws are ELFEC's operating manual.