About Us

ELFEC has a three-fold mission: to help congregations take care of and grow investments, to help individuals leave gifts to the Church, and to grant money to Lutheran charities and other church-related projects.

ELFEC has been managing church investments and helping people set up legacy gifts since 2008. In those few short years our investment portfolio has grown to just over $70 million, and our investment partners have received handsome returns on their investments. Not only that; they’ve done so secure in the knowledge their money is invested in socially responsible ways.

Our other job as a charitable foundation is to grant money to organizations doing the hands-on work of making the world a better place.  In our case we support charities and organizations associated with Canada’s Lutheran community. This money goes to congregations in need, youth and young adult ministries, scholarships, international aid projects, and much more. In fact, through the generosity and far-sightedness of our donors and investment partners, we’ve been able to give away over $27 million.  

Here’s a little more about our two main program areas:


For more details about ELFEC, please visit our link to our Annual Charity Return (T3010). Donor's and investment partners are always at the centre of our organization, please read more for a full understanding of our commitment to services and our code of ethics we hold ourselves too.