A New Name, But a Continued Charitable Service Mission

WATERLOO, ONTARIO, January 01, 2024 –Registered as a charitable organization in 2007, the Evangelical Lutheran Foundation of Eastern Canada (“ELFEC”) has grown to offer unique value-driven investment, fundraising, and philanthropy programs and services to interested partners in every corner of Canada. Consequently, after a long consultative process the volunteer leadership has determined its time to adopt Charitus as the new name and brand of the distinctive charity.

“The discussions to adopt the Charitus name were grounding in our values and unique charitable programs and services,” shared Chairperson of the Charitus Board of Directors, Stephen Holmes, “With the adoption of the Charitus name, a portmanteau which reflects the collective charitable ambitions of Charitus, the professional team at Charitus will be working hard to share the exciting rebranding and continue an amazing mission that is driven by the credo ‘values driving value’”, added Mr. Holmes.

Charitus has a three-fold mission: To support investments, to encourage charitable giving, and to offer charitable contributions to well-deserving beneficiaries through a range of granting programs.

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