Upcoming Grants

ELFEC Parnter Grant Program

ELFEC is offering a matching grant to any of our investment partner congregations and institutions to address social needs and/or environmental impact in their church community, as well as support for projects and new mission initiatives for their greater community.

What are we looking for?
We are looking for project proposals from congregations, which we can support with finances up to $2,000 but not more than 50% of the total project costs.
Grants are available for activities that make a social and environmental impact. Grants will be awarded under any of the four following project objectives:

  1. Clean and renewable energy, or reduced energy consumption.
  2. Protecting and preserving clean water, or reducing water consumption
  3. Sustainable agriculture and food
  4. Focus on Health improvement

For more information on the program, please read.

Application Form pdf or word version.  Deadline has now passed for submission of applications for this grant. 


At the present time, all other ELFEC funds have designated beneficiaries to whom ELFEC makes annual grants.  Currently, there is no opportunity for other charities to apply for grants from ELFEC. When this changes, we will post information on the grant application process.