Invest With Us

ELFEC offers congregations and faith-based charitable organizations the opportunity to pool their investments with ours. Our partners benefit from professional investment management in accordance with an Investment Policy that that emphasizes preservation of capital, generation of reasonably predictable stream of income, capital growth while ensuring Responsible Investing policies are followed.

      • Managing investments since 2008
      • Responsible Investment policies
      • Focus on preserving capital, generating income and growing funds
      • Over 30 congregations and church institutions now investing with us
      • Montrusco Bolton Investments Inc is our investment manager
      • Over $29 M in assets under management

Aligning your investment practices with your beliefs

Responsible Investment (RI) integrates environmental, social and governance considerations into the investment management process. It is a way of investing that builds a just and sustainable society. It respects the mission and beliefs of our faith-based partners while achieving our practical financial goals. RI is also a tool to spread messages such as respect for the planet, corporate integrity and justice.

For ELFEC, RI means the integration of environmental, social and governance considerations into our investment management processes and ownership practices. We prioritize 5 fundamental RI issues into our investment strategy: Human Rights and Dignity, Labour Rights, Economic and Social Justice, Environmental Sustainability, and a Global Culture of Peace.

We execute our RI strategy by:

  1. Screening during selection process and regular monitoring against policy. Full criteria for our screening can be found here.


  2.  Actively participating in proxy voting.

  3.  Engaging with companies through SHARE programs.

  4.  Participate in Impact Investing to generate both financial returns and social impact.

 For more information, call us toll-free at 1-888-308-9461 or email Additional information is available in our Resources and FAQ pages as well.