Investing to assist with Poverty Reduction in Canada

ELFEC is pleased to continue a long-standing relationship with Windmill Microlending, an Alberta-based charity (Registration #862367182 RR 0001) that works across Canada offering affordable loans to skilled immigrants and refugees. ELFEC's newest commitment is a three hundred- and fifty-thousand-dollar investment and is part of ELFEC's social investment strategy with a focus on poverty reduction.

A Windmill loan can have a big impact on their clients, who significantly increase their incomes and are less likely to stay under-employed. Funded by the public and private sectors, Windmill has delivered more than 8,000 microloans to new Canadians, helping convert their potential into prosperity which ultimately benefits everyone.

Windmill provides affordable loans of up to twenty-five thousand dollars to help skilled immigrants and refugees achieve career success and at the same time Windmill offers:

  • Client success coaching;
  • A mentorship program;
  • Financial planning and budgeting tools; and,
  • Career development resources.

ELFEC is proud to be at for the forefront of socially impactful investments which have continued to grow since around the turn of the century. Impact investing refers to investments "made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social, or environmental impact alongside a financial return. ELFEC's focus in recent years has surrounded projects which meaningfully support climate change needs, address Indigenous reconciliation, and assist with . ELFEC's efforts are always alignment through our faith-based, ethical investment credo.