Planned Giving

Our Lutheran Planned Giving (LPG) program's mission is simple “to encourage and assist people to make planned gifts to the church”.

About Lutheran Planned Giving

Lutheran Planned Giving (LPG) was established in 1997 by the Eastern Synod of the ELCIC to encourage and assist people to make planned gifts to the church in all its expressions.  LPG became a program of the ELFEC in 2008, but its mandate remains the same.

Information about planned giving is made available at no cost to members of ELCIC congregations.  LPG does not sell any products, nor does it receive commissions or other compensation from any commercial provider of products or services.

Individual Donors

We offer prospective donors information to help them make informed decisions about incorporating planned gifts in their estate and financial plans.  We also provide assistance in arranging certain types of gifts. Our LPG FAQ page offers assitance from sample language for wills, details on retirement assets and various informative articles. 
Additional Resources:

 LPG offers information and assistance by mail, telephone, fax or email.  Where distance permits, LPG personnel will meet with individuals or couples in their home.

Friends of LPG

Friends of LPG is a group created to recognize the faithful stewardship of all who have made a planned gift to the church. Membership in the Friends of LPG is open to anyone who makes a planned gift to the church, or has already done so. There are no criteria as to the type, size, timing or beneficiary of the gift. Membership is purely voluntary, and all information remains confidential.

The purpose of the group is to acknowledge people who have made a gift and thank them for their generosity. Friends can also serve as an example of generosity, serving to motivate others to make gifts of their own.

If you have already made a planned gift to the church, please contact Kathryn, our Giving Advisor at to become enrolled as a Friend of LPG.


ELFEC provides this information to assist you in planning a donation or bequest. We do not provide or purport to provide legal, tax or financial planning counsel to you.  We urge you to consult and rely upon the opinion of qualified legal, tax and financial planning advisors before acting on any of the concepts described on this site.