Lutheran Planned Giving encourages donors to make planned gifts to the charitable beneficiary(ies) of their choice.  We provide assistance to people who wish to make a gift to the church in any of its expressions:  local, regional or national.

It is crucial that the beneficiary be properly named in any bequest or document creating a planned gift. Where there is confusion with respect to the name of the organization or with respect to the intended use of the funds, the cost of resolving the confusion will reduce the funds available for the charitable purpose. In the extreme case, the church may be deprived of the gift that the donor intended it to have.

It is always prudent to confirm the accurate corporate name of the intended beneficiary. If it is not possible to check with the beneficiary, Lutheran Planned Giving can do this on the donor's behalf.

Here are the accurate names of some institutions and expressions of the church within the Eastern Synod:

ELCIC – “the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada”
Synod – “the Eastern Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada”
Seminary – “Waterloo Lutheran Seminary, operated as Martin Luther University College
CLWR – “Canadian Lutheran World Relief”
Trinity Village Care Centre – “Lutheran Homes Kitchener-Waterloo”