How Will You Keep Your Love Going ?

Through all the challenges of the last two years, Canadian Lutherans, congregations, and organizations within the ELCIC have never stopped working, changing, and adapting to meet a new reality. The mission of the church continued though online worship, sponsorship of refugees, creating and continuing food distribution networks and meeting other needs within communities. ELFEC, the Lutheran Foundation in Canada, continued our important collaborative work, offering programs and supports to encourage philanthropy. ELFEC was pleased to host webinars on planned (legacy) giving, generosity, retirement planning, and gifting of securities. The global COVID-19 pandemic was a struggle for many. ELFEC was humbled to have the professional resources, programs, and services to be of service to so many during this difficult time.

Our resolve to do more for Lutherans in Canada has made us look for ways to do things differently. This is why we continue to partner with Will Power, a national movement inspiring all Canadians to think differently about charitable giving and support the causes they care about through a gift in their Wills. Read more about ELFEC and WIll Power.