What is a Donor Advised Fund?

It’s easy to see why donor advised funds (DAFs) are one of the fasted charitable giving opportunities. DAFs are a very special way to give—they are a charitable fund that is established by you, the Donor, and managed by the ELFEC. A portion of the annual income from your Fund) supports your favourite charity or charities, typically providing them with a stream of income and creating a charitable legacy for you and often your family. Funds are often personalized and named such as the “Your Name Here Family Charitable Fund”. Important is the versatility of DAF’s: You can create a donor advised fund (DAF) during your lifetime or as part of your estate plan using one or more of any assets that can be converted to cash including cash, securities, bonds, real estate, insurance, etc.

Why create a Donor Advised Fund? Using the ELFEC to create your legacy can benefit both you and your charities! ELFEC can help you support good causes now, with a donor advised fund (DAF). We can provide ongoing support for charities that matter to you—easily and effectively. ELFEC can make it possible for you to maintain flexibility, allowing you to change your mind about the charities you support or adjust your giving as you and your family decide how to achieve your philanthropic goals. In addition, ELFEC’s donor advised fund (DAF) program can help you realize any tax advantages that your generosity makes possible. Learn more from some frequently asked questions about ELFEC’s donor-centered DAF program.

For Additional Information about the ELFEC’s donor advised fund (DAF) program, or other planned giving options, please contact the ELFEC directly at 1.888.308.9461 or visit us online at elfec.ca